Monday, November 2, 2020

Woodland Wonderland: Month 5

 Welcome to November, my son turned 9 this weekend so we had a busy weekend of celebrating! 

This month we are working on chapter 5 of our Woodland Wonderland Block of The Month. This month there is quite a few different blocks to make. We are going to add some more leaves, and piece them into rows with a winter bloom block. We are going to add another super cute large mushroom block and make the gnome which is so adorable!

With the instructions for some of these blocks being in early chapters we are going to be flipping around in the book a bit. 

The instructions begin on page 24. 

After cutting we are going to start with more leaves. We did this back in month 2, so we will just repeat that to make a few more with some new greens. Since we need to pull some of our old greens as well, I suggest taking out the previous leaf blocks and seeing which prints you want to add more of before cutting them all. 

Than we get to connect them to make our leaf and stem blocks. There is a lot of seams when connecting all the leaves so make sure your seam allowance is accurate or it will not measure the same as your stem. 

The winter bloom block is straight forward. Be sure when adding the e and d fabrics to a, that you are sewing corner, if you are off your little unit will be a little wonky. I used the diagonal seam tape from Cluck Cluck Sew to sew mine and avoid drawing the lines. And don't get going and forget that your fourth corner is a different fabric.

The mushroom block goes together the same as back in chapter 1. But you have more variety to choose from for the top. I went with the chevron looking red print for mine. 

The Gnome is really fun to make and turns out so cute! 

When making the hat make sure you press the h fabric out and trim from the wrong side before cutting back the underlying fabrics. Otherwise it may be a little more difficult to get it trimmed to the correct size. So sew on the marked line, press the h fabric, flip it over and trim all 3 layers to match the red, than flip it right side up again, fold the h down again, than trim the excess, and press the h back again. 

That is it for this month. This stack of blocks gets cuter each month! 

Have a good week. 


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