Thursday, November 12, 2020

Midnight Clear BOM Sashing and Cornerstones

 I can't believe we are already at the sashing and cornerstones week. It feels like we just started our blocks. For this week I chose to make my components and will assemble it all on our next week. 

This week is fairly repetitive since we need to make 93 of the flip and stitch in each direction. 

For these rectangles be super careful and watch the direction of your angles, they really do need to go the right way. For myself I like to complete one whole unit first, and then once I know what I'm doing I like to chain piece the rest. 

We need 3 of each rectangle for one sashing unit. 

Once you have these components assembled, put them into rows of six, and attach the solid cream to both sides. This is your completed sashing components. 
Even though these seem like a lot of work it will be totally worth it to have that ribbon sashing in this quilt. I kind of think it is what makes the quilt so stunning.  

Now we need to make our cornerstones. These are simply 9 patches. The most important part of these is to watch your pressing direction, so that they will nest with the sashing when we assemble next time. 

That is all for this time. I will be back on November 26 to assemble.
Have a great weekend, stay warm and out of the snow everyone. 
I will be at my brother's house, playing with my nieces in the snow, and maybe helping out in the barn some more. 

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