Thursday, December 3, 2020

Woodland Wonderland: Month 6

We are now on Month 6 of our Woodland Wonderland Quilt. This month is fun with lots of different blocks. We get to make more trees, stars, the hedgehog, and a branch for owl to perch on, and we get to assemble another row!
For the Snow Tree Blocks I went back and looked at the ones we made in Chapter 3 and made sure I chose different greens than I had already used, for the rest they go together the same as in Chapter 3 so nothing new. 
Same with the Sawtooth Star block we need to make. One thing here, my book has a typo and it says use Chapter 3 to make another block, but we actually made them in Chapter 1 so flip back to the first chapter for all the instructions. I actually made 2 this time, as I had two from earlier with the same center, and I decided I would rather have all 4 be different. 
Than we get to assemble the Snow Tree Blocks and the Sawtooth Stars into one row, I love putting rows together, it feels like I am accomplishing something and getting near the end!
The Twinkle Star block is fun, and was a different construction than I normally use for this type of block so that was neat. It came together really nicely, just follow the diagram to assemble the block in the right order, starting with A in the center. 
The Hedgehog is next! I love this block so much. It is so cute and though it has lots of pieces goes together really nicely. Just be sure to keep each piece straight by labelling or neat piles as you don't want to put them into the block wrong. Also when putting k and p onto f the diagram shows them with space in between, I did not have this space, but when I sewed it into the block there was a space because of the seam allowance. So my final piece looks the same just not the initial diagram. 
One more thing to make yet this month, the branch for our Owl, this is quick to make and adds a special touch to the owl, making it even cuter.
Next month we have a lot of work ahead of us with blocks to make, filler rows to piece and the final assembly!
Have fun sewing up your month 6 blocks!

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