Thursday, August 5, 2021

Garden Sampler BOM: Block 8

 It is August already!! I am sitting here trying to decide if I'm happy with how fast this summer is going or not. I am a little bit sad because summer is my absolute favourite time of the year, I will take all the heat and sunshine I can get. On the other hand I am super excited because my wedding is coming up super fast, so I am beyond excited for September to get here!!!

Anyways, it being a new month means it is time to pull the block of the month projects out again. I was worried I wasn't going to get my block done with all the waterskiing and wedding planning, but I carved out some time today to make it. 

This block is pretty simple, just a couple flip and stitches and a nine-patch assembly and it is finished. 

Below are my cut and labeled pieces. 

I just cut and labeled as the book said. 
Now that we are this far, I am super glad that I cut a sample of my fabrics as I used them and put them with the coordinating fabric chart at the beginning of the book, it makes pulling and cutting my fabrics each month so much easier. 

For the flip and stitch corners I used my Diagonal Seam Tape from CluckCluckSew. I love this product, it makes these flip and stitches so much easier and more accurate for me. 

The Components

When doing the nine patch assembly, be sure to watch where you are going to stitch on the flip and stitch corners, so you do not lose the star points in the center of the block.

See in the picture above how the seams all cross over eachother, I know when I go to press it I will have a nice clean point there. 

My Block 8

I am getting so excited to see all these blocks together in my finished quilt. I am having to stop myself from just making the rest of the blocks and finishing it up. 

Have a great weekend everyone, and we hope to see you at our quilt show collaborating with the town for Celebrate Main. Weather permitting we will be setting up a large quilt display on the North and East side of our building and would love to have you guys check it out.  

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