Friday, October 5, 2018

Aurifil Recap

STuesday we held two Aurifil Information Presentations. These sessions were both well attended and from the feedback we have received so far they were found to be very informative as well. Elena and Bradley from Aurifil came out to our store and gave some background on the company as well as went through the process of how Aurifil Thread is produced. Everyone that attended the presentations left with a swag bag of Aurifil products, which retails at over $50. 
The cotton for Aurifl thread is grown in the Mako region of Egypt on the Nile River. As explained to us the region in which the cotton is grown can have a huge impact on the quality of the final product. After being harvested the cotton goes through a 15 step process in which it becomes the strong, 2 ply, virtually lint free thread that we love. Bradley had a great video tour of the factory in which we got to see all but one of the processes (he had to keep one thing a trade secret after all) of how Aurifl thread is made. 
Because Aurifl is high quality and virtually lint free your machines will love it as well. Low quality thread is one of the main causes of machine break down. 
Aurifil thread comes in 5 different weights, 12, 28, 40, 50 and 80 and 270 different colors. It is available in small and large spools and in cones. There are a wide variety of designer collections available in small and large spools, in which designers have put together their favorite colors, or colors to match a new fabric line.  There is also Aurifil Floss which is a 6 strand floss wound on a spool rather than as a skein, this comes in 80 colors.
The numbers and words on your Aurifil thread spool tell you the weight, color number, dye lot and that is indeed 100% cotton grown in the Mako region. For the large spools you can pop the base off and tucked around the end there is the end of the thread, this is a lot easier than trying to unravel it. For the small spools you can run a needle under the edge and find the end this way.
There is also a free app for apple and android in which you can load your "stash" of thread and always know which colors and weights you have at home, it is simply called "Aurifil". 
Now that this event has passed it is on to planning the next ones. 
Our big clearance sale is next week October 11-13. The sale will be held in our basement during regular store hours. 
Our bag workshop will be held the following weekend. The trunkshow for this is on Friday, October 19 in the evening, and if you would like to attend this we can still fit you in. There will be dessert, and Tara will be showing off some of her creations. 
Esther will be gone during the entire month of November, so we have decided to once again play Bingo on Facebook while she is gone. The format will be a little different this time, so if you played last time you will need to resign up, your old cards will not do you any good.
We will be playing with 2.5" squares this time. When you register you will be given 25 squares. Every business day during November, Esther will post a picture of a couple squares to our Facebook Page until we have a winner. To win you need to have 15 squares that match those that she posted, and post a picture of them to our page with a caption that says "Bingo." 
It is free to play and you can sign up in store, and pick up your squares starting Tuesday, October 9. If you live out of our are you can sign up by email and we will ship your squares. Sign up will end on Saturday, October 26 and we will begin playing on November 1. Esther will be on holidays so the pictures may be posted at different times each day. The pictures will only be posted on Facebook so you need to be on Facebook and like our page to play along.
SIn December we will be hosting a Zen Chic Trunk show. We will have a contest in which you can enter your projects made with Zen Chic fabrics. You can enter as many projects as you like, quilts, bags, table toppers or wall hangings, and they can be made with any of her fabric lines. They need to be brought in store by November 23 for judging so that we can announce the winners during the trunk show. Our judges will be Rob and Marqui from TrendTex Fabrics and Brigitte Heitland herself from Zen Chic. The more entries we get the more fun these are, so get working on those projects. The winner will receive a fantastic gift basket courtesy of TrendTex Fabrics and Chicken Feed Quilts. 
The trunkshow itself will run the first week of December. We will have a game night on December 4, which you need to register for if you would like to attend, some spots have already been spoken for so sign up soon as there is only a limited number of spots available. There will be some trivia, games, snacks and drinks. Throughout the week we will do some fun specials, and mini games in store. 
All of us at Chicken Feed Quilts wish you a happy Thanksgiving. We are very thankful for you, our customers and your support in everything that we do. We will be open Saturday but closed on Monday.

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