Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Christmas Part 2

Christmas is a time when many give us give gifts to those we interact with on a regular basis, teachers, co-workers, neighbors, friends and family. Handmade gifts are always so appreciated, and its a great way to personalize something to really suit the receiver. 
Aside from quilts which make great gifts, there are many small project ideas that are super quick to sew up. 
Table toppers are a great gift idea. You can make them seasonal or to match the decor of someones kitchen. I made several triangle frenzy runners last week, and they go together so quick and yet look like they were a lot of work. 
Mug rugs are also a great small gift idea. Use up scraps and make one of your favorite blocks, or take an orphan block leftover from a quilt, than quilt and bind and you have a quick gift done. You can always put it together with a coffee mug, or a festive treat for an added special touch. 
This past summer I made a matching apron set for my sister and her little girl as a thank you gift. Aprons are a quick project and always appreciated. Throwing in a cake mix, and some mixing spoons makes for a fun gift.
Simple tote bags make amazing gifts, and they are their own wrapping as well. I have made a few for my sons friends, and together with a new book it made a great gift. This is one I made a year or two ago and he still uses it to tote all his things around the house, and back and forth to the library. I will probably be doing them for my sons teachers this Christmas, and because I don't know their taste in books may throw in a gift card to Chapters. 
Also in the bag category are little zip pouches, I love zipper pouches, and use them all the time, they just keep everything together so nicely. My boys use them to take game boys, small cars, Lego, or a notepad and some pencils when we have to go to appointments or on long car rides, they each have personalized ones out of their favorite fabrics. We have some fun patterns for pouches available in store. 
Pillow cases are a quick sew, this is one of Esther's go to gifts for her nieces and nephews. She will make a big stack of them and let everyone choose one. The kids love it and she will occasionally get a text now and then saying "Auntie Esther can you make me a new pillowcase, I have worn my last one out."
These are my go to gift ideas, there are so many ideas out there, what are your favorite things to sew as gifts?

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