Friday, October 12, 2018

Sale Fabrics, What To Buy?

As you all know (I hope) this weekend is our big clearance sale, and so this will be a fairly short post as my brain is a little overworked.
Our basement has a very large storage room and it is full of fabric, we usually call it the cage. Someone on Facebook called this storage room the "vault" and we all love it so much that we have renamed the cages to the vault. Well this weekend we have opened the vault and put it on sale for you. However it doesn't all fit on the sale tables, so as bolts empty we have been putting fresh ones out. We added several new collections and some blenders this morning, as well as some beautiful white on whites, a couple of the whites emptied out right away but there are 3 left.
As per special request we also put some Kansas Trouble Fabrics on sale this year, and they have been very popular. Since all of the lines blend together it is a perfect time to collect some background fabrics, borders and backings for your future Kansas Trouble Quilts. 
We have lots of collections on sale this time around. You can buy for an entire quilt, blocks, borders, backing and binding and get it all at a great price. 
On Tuesday I mentioned that pillowcases make great Christmas gifts as do Aprons, and Tote Bags. Pillowcases generally take just under a meter of fabric, a lot of Transformer fabric went out the door for pillowcases today, as did some adorable foxes, and cute florals. An unlined apron unlined you can do with a meter, lined would be two meters of fabric. 
If you have finished tops that are just waiting for the perfect top, dig them out, measure them and see if we have what you are looking for. I was working the sale room today, and I seen so many finished tops, and most of them left with a backing that worked really well, and at 50% off it doesn't get much better. 
Sales are a great time to build your stash, or stock up on background fabric and favorite collections. It is also a great way to buy backings for quilt tops that are finished or for quilt tops that have yet to be made.
The sale is on for one more day (Saturday, October 13) we will be open from 10am-4pm, we will add fresh bolts in the morning, and there are still some precuts and kits available too.
We got a new sign this week, so check that out when you arrive too.    

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