Monday, March 30, 2020


Is anyone else getting tired of hearing those words? I have heard them way too often in the past month, but it seems like it could be around for awhile yet, and I need to do one more post here with the latest that it means for our shop, and what we are doing in spite of it all. It sure has led to a lot of disturbances in our house, my boys are doing school from home, my husband it still able to go to work, but has everything set up to work at home just in case. On the plus side having to stay home all the time means I get a lot of quilting done!
As of Friday afternoon we are unable to allow customers into the shop. However we are allowed to keep our online shop open, and we can ship items as well as do curbside pickup.
For curbside pickup you just shop online as normal and choose curbside pickup at checkout. When your order is packaged you the status on our order will change to "ready for pickup" which means you can drive out to our shop to get it. The hours you can come pick up your package are 1pm-4pm Monday-Friday. Call the shop when you arrive and we will place it outside for you to grab once we are behind closed doors again.
Today we ran a sale on Fat Quarter Bundles and Layer Cakes through Facebook and it was a huge success. Nearly all the items were sold within half an hour. Since the first post about the sale said it was a two day event, we have decided to add more items tomorrow morning.
For those of you not on Facebook we will be doing some specials through the online store at some point too.
Because we were told to close the doors to customers, this also means we have to cancel our classes for now.
We are going to try do some virtual classes and will start filming videos for those later this week.
We had posted that we would do them over Facebook Live, but instead we will be doing it on a more private platform. You will have to join the class on our website and than you will be emailed a link that you can click on to view the video. 
We will still do some ruler demos and fabric reveals through Facebook live so follow our page to see those.
I will also continue to post here twice a week.
I hope all of you are staying healthy and not going totally crazy with all the changes happening right now. Have a good week!

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