Thursday, March 26, 2020

Designer Spotlight: Mister Domestic and Katarina Rocella

Happy Thursday! Our family is settling into a new routine, that involves a lot less driving and a lot more time at home. As a family we are finding new things to be thankful for each day in spite of what is happening with Covid-19.
Some of our top ones are:
 a really large yard with a paved area for hockey and biking and warmer weather
technology that allows for easy student, teacher communication as well as the ability to work from home
smart kids that need little assistance in their schoolwork
Cincinatti Home Safari you tube videos
our reno we did over Christmas that involved making a designated computer area in the dining room
and I am especially thankful for how quilting provides me a quiet escape from the noise of 4 boys at home
Are you finding ways to stay positive in this weird time?
We are nearing the end of our Art Gallery Month, and I have had so much fun sharing a new collection on Social Media each day, who knew we had so many different ones in the shop?!?! To Be honest I knew we had a lot, but I didn't realize we had over 25 different collections on display, nevermind a couple that are in the vault because they are out of season.

I have a couple more designers to share with you today.
Matthew Bordeaux better known as Mister Domestic, he started out in Houston, Texas, and has since lived in various places across the USA and currently resides in the state of Washington. Mister Domestic got into sewing and quilting when he had his daughter and wanted to make her fun clothing. Aside from quilting he also features a lot of crochet fun on his blog which you can find here.  He is also very active on Social Media so be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram for some added humor and inspiration to your day.
He is not afraid to try out new things in the way he puts colors and patterns in his collections, and so far they always turn out great. Each one also has a special meaning it behind it, Aura was inspired by a vacation he took with his daughter, Catch and Release by the place he goes with his family to relax and enjoy nature, and Playroom started out in his daughter's playroom.
Playroom is the latest collection and you can check out the Lookbook here. It was designed specifically with children in mind and the prints and colors definitely portray that.

I also want to share with you Katarina Rocella. We carry a number of her collections too. Katarina grew up in Serbia and currently lives there with her husband and three kids. She grew up in a very artistic family, her father is a painter and her mother a ceramic pottery artist, so following in the artistic field came naturally.
She has a Masters degree from the Faculty of Applied Arts and is working on her PhD in applied arts and design. Katarina has explored many different creative outlets including graphic design, calligraphy, painting and sewing.
Her inspirations come from everything, but she loves taking photos from things that move her, whether in shape, texture and color and working from there. Earthen and Floralish are her latest collections. Earthen feels a lot more wintery with the cool colors and textures, while Floralish is inspired by a bright summer day. Check out the lookbooks below.
Earthen Lookbook
Floralish Lookbook 

I hope you have enjoyed meeting some of the different Fabric Designers that Art Gallery has working for them.

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