Monday, March 16, 2020

Shop Updates

Wow what a crazy weekend, with a 3 day winter storm warning and COVID-19 being declared as a pandemic its definitely been a little more newsworthy than previous weeks.
My sons school (and the rest of the ones in the province) have been closed indefinitely. What that means for the remainder of this school term has yet to be completely determined, and we should know more from our school board tomorrow, but as of right now it looks like my boys will be advancing to the next grade in the fall, and we will be doing some work packages at home with some online instruction from their teachers. All we know for now is it looks like we are heading towards every kids dream, a 5.5 month break from summer!
As for the shop we will keep the doors open until Health Authorities advise us otherwise.
Classes, clubs and events for this week are cancelled and the future classes we will evaluate week to week. Our online shop is also still open and we will continue to ship packages as long as Canada Post is in operation.

In preparation for a possible quarantine, we at the shop have been busy putting together a variety of kits and precuts which makes shopping for a new project for you quick and easy. Carrie, Esther and I have all been bit by a serious bug and have each picked out at least 3 new samples for ourselves to make in the last two weeks, as well as a couple personal ones. And I know each of us have finished a couple of them already. Which means that there is going to be a good selection of new samples hanging in the shop in the next couple weeks.

We have Maara available in a lap size quilt.

This table runner using Summer Sweet is a nice one day project that will definitely bring some fresh colors into your dining room.

If you want something a little more time consuming this Sail Boat quilt using Enchanted Voyage is available as a kit as well.

Maybe you want to get together with a couple of friends and do a little quarantine quilt along each from your home. We have several great patterns that would be fun to make with friends, and see how different each one turns out, and having someone else keep you accountable will encourage everyone to finish.

We are looking at doing something like this through the shop as well, either a technique sampler or a fun block of the day. We would do this through either the blog or our social media pages so watch for some more information on that in the days to come.
Have a great week, and stay safe and well. My boys and I will be organizing our play room and getting a new routine established.

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