Thursday, March 19, 2020

Designer Spotlight: Pat Bravo and Bonnie Christine

Happy Thursday! My boys and I have spent the week hanging out at home. We cleaned and organized all the toy bins, brought the current ones to the basement play room and put other ones in storage so we can do a toy rotation later on. Hopefully this will keep down some of the clutter in the next few weeks here. The basement is also where my sewing area is, so while they play, I can get some sewing in, and I must say I have gotten a lot accomplished this week, a couple tops pieced, another couple quilted, and the binding on one is nearly finished. Are you staying in and doing any extra sewing?
Today I want to share with you a little more about two more Art Gallery Designers, Pat Bravo and Bonnie Christine.
Pat Bravo and her husband Walter are the founders of Art Gallery which was started back in 2004.
Pat grew up in Argentina and started sewing at the age of 9, went to sewing school at the age of 13 in Buenos Aries. When the time for college came upon her she attended law school for a short while, but after learning that was not for her she switched to painting classes. It was around then that she met Walter. In 1989 she moved to the USA, where the change in culture was quite a shock for her and very draining. Walter bought her a sewing machine, and in her words she "came back to life" she fell in love with quilting, and soon began to paint fabrics to create the designs and colors she was wanting. Other quilters loved her designs, and not too long after that Art Gallery Fabrics was founded. Her and Walter have such a passion for fabrics and their company, and it definitely shows in the colors, designs and quality of the fabrics they produce.
Quilt by Esther using Indie Folk

Pat Bravo has developed several collections and we have some of her most recent lines in the shop. The latest one is Nuncia which is named after mother. Click here to see the Nuncia Lookbook. 

We also have some of Indie Boheme, Indie Folk and Legendary in stock as well. All of her collections are full of vibrant colors and I feel they have a very bold and dramatic feel to them, as well as a South American flair.

Indie Boheme

Bonnie Christine is another popular designer in our shop and we have her two latest collections in the shop. Her fabrics are quite a bit different than Pat Bravo's. They are soft and delicate, inspired mostly by her nature walks, tall trees, tiny leaves, botanical gardens, and days of sunshine. Her typical color palette includes leafy greens, soft peaches and warm yellow. She grew up in North Carolina hanging out in her moms quilt shop which inspired her to design her own fabrics. She and her husband spent a few years in California but have again returned to North Carolina.
5 things that are essential when Bonnie goes on the road are: her camera, a sketchbook. a vase for flowers, a inspiring book and her family.

Open Road
Bonnie's blog found here, is full of inspiration as well as courses on surface pattern design to create your own art work.

Open Road is the latest collection and was inspired by a long road trip in a vintage camper, and finding joy in whatever may be around the next bend. You can check the lookbook out here, which also contains an interview that will give you more information on Bonnie and her Open Road collection.
Gathered is a collection inspired by finding joy in the simple things.

 That is it for this week, have a great weekend.

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