Thursday, September 3, 2020

Midnight Clear Block of the Month: Block 2

It is time for block 2 of the Midnight Clear Block of the Month. I had so much fun with these blocks the other night. I find it fun to put away all my other projects and take out one, that may not be so difficult, but is a bit time consuming, and just make 2 blocks. 

Our block pattern for this week is on page 66 and 67 of our book.

I followed the color placement exactly how it was in the book once again. I like how the colors are in the pattern, and the effect it gives the block. 
When I make flying geese I prefer not to use the flip and stitch method, so I used my favourite method for flying geese, the "Heart Method." I used my Ultimate Flying Geese from Creative Grids to make this process easier. All Creative Grids trim tools are marked in Finished Sizes, so I could look at my ruler and see that I needed to cut the requirements for C since we need 1.5" by 3" finished Flying Geese. Mark down the diagonal of all your red squares, and place two across the diagonal of a white square. Stitch 1/4" on each side of this line. Since these are trim tools, the 1/4" doesn't have to be exact, just close. Cut them apart on the line that you drew, and press towards the red squares. Place another red square on top of our unit, and sew on either side of the line again, cut on the line, and press towards the red square again. I needed to pull my trim tool out now, and find the Trim 1, line C. I trimmed the two sides, then you flip your section and your ruler to find Trim 2, line C and trim the 2 sides again. One of my favourite parts about this trim tool is that there is a line showing me where my quarter inch seam will be so I do not lose the points of my geese. 
The images below go in the same order as I wrote above. 
Next we have to assemble our corner unit, if you follow the pattern, and pay attention to the pressing direction these units go together real simply and nicely. 

To make the square in a square block I used my Folded Corner Clipper again. 

Next we get to assemble our blocks. I love how these blocks come together, and how depending on which color you focus on you get a different look to the block. 

My Block 2's

Our blocks so far
Have fun with these blocks. I will be back on September 17 with Block 3. 

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