Monday, September 21, 2020

Andrie Designs Bag Gift Event

 Happy Monday, I have mentioned the Andrie Designs Bag Gift Event on our Facebook Page but I thought I would go into a little more detail about it here this evening. 

Lisa of Andrie Designs has been wanting to do a bag swap event for sometime, however with Covid-19 the mail system has been struggling somewhat so she changed up the plans and came up with a similar but new idea. 

Instead she is planning the Bag Gift Event. It will give you warm fuzzies to give someone a bag you made and the person on the receiving end should also get some warm fuzzy feelings. Choosing someone local to you will avoid the need to use the mail. 

There are a couple dates and details to be aware of for the event and for the rest it is pretty simple. 

In order to be eligible for a chance to win prizes that are available you need to register for the event and be a member of the Andrie Designs Patterns Facebook Group. Both are free to join. 

Here is the registration link, and if you search the above name on Facebook it should pop right up for you. 

Registration is open until October 3.

After registering you need to choose your recipient. The person you choose to make the bag for can be anyone, friend, family, neighbor, coworker, it is totally up to you. You can even make bags for more than 1 person. 

There are 4 different patterns available to choose from to be eligible for prizes. They include the S & S Tore, Gemma Carryall Pouch, Polly Crossbody Pouch and the Stand Up and Notice Tote. We have all four patterns available in our shop if you need to purchase one. 


After you have chosen your recipient(s) and bag pattern(s) it is time to get sewing. Finish your bag and gift it to your chosen recipient. and take a video or photo of them receiving it. You need to upload this photo or video to the designated Facebook Album in the Andrie Designs Pattern Group by October 25th.

Voting for the winners begins on October 26 and ends on October 28th with the winners being announced on October 29. 

There are prizes for the best video, peoples choice, admins choice and most creative. The prizes are from over 30 different sponsors, and we are super excited to be one of them. 

Just a side note that this company is based out of Australia and all dates are Australian Eastern Standard Time, so to avoid missing out do not wait until the last minute, as they are 16 hours ahead of us here in Alberta. 

We are having a sew day in our shop this week Friday to work on your bags for the event if you wish to join us. It is $10 to sign up and sew for the day, but if you buy all your hardware and fabric from our shop we will credit the $10 sign up fee back to you. You can sign up for the sew day here

We hope you join in on this fun event! 


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