Thursday, September 24, 2020

New Fabric Collections

 Happy Thursday, here in Coaldale it is crazy windy today, our basketball net fell down and broke in three places, and the slide blew off our play set today! I have been hiding in the house catching up on housework and doing some quilting. 

It has been awhile again since I have shared new fabric collections so I am going to do that today. 

From Art Gallery the newest collections in our shop are Terra Kotta, Flowerette, Day Trip and Hooked. 

Terra Kotta is exactly the colors that come to mind when you think of terra cotta pots. Lots of shades of oranges from white with an orange print, to peachy orange, mustard yellow, rusty red orange and everywhere in between. Here is a link to the lookbook if you need some inspiration on what to make. 

Flowerette is a collection made up of some great florals. I am planning to make this Petal Sparks Quilt with it. There is a lookbook here with some really fun ideas in it if you want to take a peek. 
Day Trip is such a fun collection made up of fun prints and a unique color combination. That taco print is just so cute, and those goats are really fun!


Hooked is the latest collection from Mister Domestic and arrived today so I do not have photos of it yet to share here. But here is the link to the lookbook and you can check out the fabrics as well as get some project ideas. 

Our newest collections from Moda include Apricot and Ash by Corey Yoder and Fairy Dust by V and Co. 
Apricot and Ash has been very popular and we have a couple kits made from it as well. And the Moda Box kit just arrived this week for it too. The Truck kit is made from a variety of Corey Yoder collections and the other two are made completely from Apricot and Ash. 
Fairy Dust by V and Co is an ombre collection with silver stars. The color and the stars are most concentrated at the selvedges and fade as you get to the center of the fabric. I made a quilt with it on Saturday during our Jelly Roll Sew Off and I love it, I ended up cutting the borders length of fabric so I have an Ombre Effect around the out edge of my quilt. 
As always there is more new fabric in the shop and more coming every week. Come in store to visit us or shop online from our website. 

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