Thursday, September 17, 2020

MIdnight Clear BOM Block 3

 It is time for block 3 of the Midnight Clear BOM. These blocks were a lot of fun again. I realized as I was making these two blocks that I often change a pattern a fair amount to make it how I would like to do it. 

The Pieces

In this block we need to make Quarter Square Triangles, Flying Geese, and Four Patch blocks. 

For Quarter Square Triangles I do not like to cut my squares into triangles before sewing, so I cut 4.5" squares and marked the diagonal. I paired the white squares with green squares, and the rest of the green squares with the black squares. I then sewed on either side of my line, and cut on the marked line. Press these, and mark the diagonal of the green and white half square triangles. Pair a green and black with a green and white and sew on either side of the line. Cut these on the line. I used my 4-in-1 Half Square Triangle trim tool to square my blocks to 3in Finished. Then press.


For these Flying Geese I used my Ultimate Flying Geese Tool again. These flying geese finish at 1 1/2in by 3in, so I will need to cut these size squares. I cut two 4 3/4in squares of my black and eight 2 3/4in of my background for the flying geese. Then continued to make them the same way as I did the last time.

The Four Patch blocks I made as the pattern said. 

The Components. 

After this we get to piece our blocks.

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