Monday, November 1, 2021

Fun gifts to make

 Happy Monday. Last week I shared with you a little tutorial on how to make a lanyard. This week I thought I would share with you a few other items that are fun to sew and make wonderful gifts. 

One of our favorites is the Wax and Wool Tote by Noodlehead. I have gifted many of them over the years, especially to my son's Teachers. The pattern calls for wax and wool fabrics but i always use just cotton or if I am feeling fancy I will do cork on the bottom, but cotton works wonderfully. The pattern is all rectangles so it can be cut with just a ruler, rotary cutter and a mat. It goes together really nicely, with a simple front pocket, and a nice slip pocket on the inside. Esther made this one recently and added a little hardware to bling it up some. 

This little bag is really fun to make for kids and adults. It is called the Project Bag 2.0 from By Annie. The medium size is pictured below and it fits a coloring book and pack of crayons perfectly. Which makes for a great gift for any of the littles in your life.

 I made a second one using a panel by Zen Chic and it makes a great little bag to store projects in progress, handwork or favorite tools. 

The Pencil Pouch by Noodlehead is a fun little item to make. 
I have paired these with a Lanyard and snuck some little treats inside for a nice little Teacher Gift.
They are fun to make and easy to personalize if you know the person well. If not neutral colors our always safe. I gave each of my nieces one for their birthday this year with some pencil crayons inside and a new coloring book and they were all tickled. This pattern is a free tutorial. Just click here to reach it. 
Esther has decided she is no longer buying gift wrap or gift bags for kids. Instead she wraps everyone's gifts in a pillowcase. They make a great gift by themselves and are a fantastic alternative to the gift wrap. They are easy to make and there are many many tutorials online for different methods on how to make them. Another fun idea is to spend a day or an afternoon making them with your kids or grandkids. 
Have you made any of these items for gifts before?
After my vacation I will share a tutorial for a fun little hot pad that is quick to make and so useful in the kitchen. 
Next week is the 10th month in our Bonnie and Camille Quilt Bee. And Carrie be publishing the next post of the Garden Sampler Quilt on Thursday.
Have a great week.

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